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Time saving tips for processing payroll

An efficient payroll process isan essential feature of any successful recruitment business.  Streamline your process to save your business time and money as well as keeping employees happy.

Whilst running payroll can be complicated, there are several ways that you can reduce the time you spend on payroll without compromising onaccuracy.

Make sure employee information is up to date

When first entering employee information it’s important to be extra vigilant and double check the details to avoid mistakes.  Incorrect employee information can slow down the payroll process as you will need to rerun payroll to correct mistakes.  Make sure that employees are aware that they need to update you if any of their personal information changes to avoid problems with payroll later down the line.

Document the process

Running payroll can be a fairly complicated process as there are lots of little steps to remember.  Once you have the process running efficiently, make sure that you create a document that outlines what needs to be done step-by-step to prevent anything important being missed out.  Documenting the process is also very useful for ensuring consistency if the person who usually runs it is away or leaves the business.

Use a specialist payroll software

Using a specialist software like PSS Payroll can dramatically reduce the amount of time payroll takes up by automating many of the tasks involved.  This also improves accuracy as it reduces the risk of human error.

Only pay by direct deposit

Make it one of your terms of employment that payment will only be made by direct deposit to avoid having to spend extra time processing cheques separately to the rest of the payroll.  Being paid by direct deposit is faster and more convenient for your employees too.

Go paperless

Stop wasting time printing and distributing paper payslips and make it part of your company policy to go paperless.  Electronic payslips are quick and convenient to send, will save you time and money, and are better for the environment too.

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